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The International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation's (ITFC) brand promise of "Advancing Trade, Improving Lives" has resonated near and far thanks to a cyber presence that gave our users a positive perception of our organization and enhanced the means through which we can interact with our various stakeholders.

With an ever changing financial environment that intrigues and widens the unique requirements of today’s investors, stepped up and provided Amwal Invest with a revamped website that reinforced the company’s distinct services and reputation.”

Thank you for giving us such a professional website that presents our business and the size of our global industrial and commercial reach. has proven to be quite the powerful partner to help in online product promotion and presentation, especially in my line of business.

The level of admiration and respect I grew for kept rising with each accomplishment made; that which showed genuine innovation. topped it off with the Gold Award. helped HUDC develop a new website that rides with the new online trend, yet keeps the HUDC's main mission and vision for a better Jordan.