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Wi-tribe users and those considering their packages and services, will easily find the information and online services they need through the clear and simple navigational menus. The Content Management System (CMS) means updates to such services and packages, along with special offers, can easily be made in real time, keeping customers and the community up-to-date with the company. Details on what the company is doing can also be monitored through the News Engine, found in the Media Center, built to carry all the news wi-tribe wishes to release to its public audience. The online customer care center makes finding answers possible, any time of day. A myWi-tribe members' area is home to all your account information and allows users to access their email online.

wi-tribe is a specialized wireless broadband provider offering a wide range of connectivity solutions for the residential and the corporate market, by utilizing top of the line technologies to insure the delivery of a joyful customer experience. wi-tribe is aimed squarely at enhancing online access experience both for business and personal users, creating a community with benefits for all.

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