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The website presents the Fund role in supporting the Jordanian Badia and highlights its main mission and vision. The information also includes the current board of trustees responsible, along with the organizational structure inside the Fund. A section is designated to list down and describe the current projects run by the Fund; providing details about the project, the goals, and the elements within.

A section is available to describe the Geographical Information System (GIS) used to scan and monitor the terrain of the Jordanian Badia in terms of borders, geology, atmosphere, irrigation, etc. Blueprints are available for users to browse of the Badia that were generated by the GIS.

Other features include a news section for all the latest with Fund activities, a research and studies area with the latest released documentation by the Fund staff, an FAQ section for any recurring inquires, and image gallery depicting nature photos from the Badia and from the Projects run by the Fund. Those who are interested in any sort of investment in the Jordanian Badia may view the investments section which provides full details of course of action to take.

The Hashemite Fund For Development of Jordan Badia was founded in mid-2003 and issued the Fund Act and commenced its work in the second half of 2006, where its serves the Jordanian Badia in the various regions; North, Central and South Jordanian Territories.

The Fund seeks primarily to improve the social and economic reality for the people of the desert of Jordan and contribute to address the problems of poverty and unemployment and to achieve comprehensive development in the desert areas of Jordan.

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